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Group offer

If you are a group of friends or family with 5 or more people, we have a special discount just for you! With 10% discount your magical vacation in Rijeka can begin. 

Group offer hostel Pipistrelo Pula


Week offer

Just a few days to explore Rijeka are not enough so we are giving a discount to our guest who are staying longer than 7 days with us. Giving 10% discount can be a good start to new adventures.

Week offer hostel Pipistrelo Pula
hostel Pipistrelo Pula


Visit Pula

Planning to visit more beautiful places in Croatia? Check our Pipistrelo hostel in Pula and book your accommodation directly with us!

If you already stayed in Das Hostel we are giving you a special discount for Hostel Pipistrelo in Pula! Just contact us (email, WhatsApp, Viber, text message) and you are getting right away a promo code with 20% discount on booking in our other hostel!

Our guests mean a world to us so we are looking forward being with you during your adventure in Pula!

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